Jimmy Pop Ali
Born On: August 27, 1972
Born In: Tappe PA
Part In Band: Vocals
Hair/Eye Color: Brown, Gray

Q Ball
Born On: October 8, 1974
Born In: Limerick PA
Part In Band: Dj
Hair/Eye Color: Blonde, Blue/Green

Born On: August 8, 1972
Born In: Philidelphia PA
Part In Band: Guitar
Hair/Eye Color: Brown, Hazel

Evil Jared
Born On: August 5, 1971
Born In: Downtown Tylersport
Part In Band: Bass
Hair/Eye Color: Blonde, Blue

Spanky G
Born On: March 13, 1979
Born In: Souderton PA
Part In Band: Drums
Hair/Eye Color: Blonde, Blue

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